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ABT Brakes



Brake pads engineered with superior performance at high and low temperatures.  
Ceramic enhanced with very advanced compound formulation for your safety.
Tested on the dyno and on the track.

Clean Wheel Appearance

98% Dust free to keep your wheels clean without compromising your safety and brake performance

Braking Comfort

Shims, Chamfers, slots contribute to quiet smooth braking with no vibration or harshness, and no squealing

Environmentally Minded  

Copper FREE to save the lives of the fish in our rivers
No need to use cleaning chemicals to remove the brake dust on your wheels because dust just isn't there.

ABT Brakes

Rear Brake Pads ABT 1J0698451R

CAD $ 38.99

Front ABT Brake Pad Set W/Sensor 288mm & 312MM

CAD $ 69.00