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Corteco is one of the leading suppliers of components for the Independent Automotive Aftermarket. As a member of the global Freudenberg Group, we supply over 20,000 products in OEM quality. Independent garages trust in CORTECO spare parts and therefore benefit from the original quality made by Freudenberg.


Rear Crankshaft Seal W/Flange Corteco 20037305B

CAD $ 98.00

Balance Shaft Oil Seal 06H103085J

CAD $ 11.00

Centre Differential Seal & Output Seal 02X409400A

CAD $ 11.00

OutPut Shaft Seal 48x60x26.6mm

CAD $ 18.50

Engine Mount Front Left 8E0199379BG

CAD $ 112.00

Front Crank Seal 06L103085B

CAD $ 9.00

Differential Output Seal 48x62x8mm

CAD $ 7.50

Air Filter Corteco 4H0129620L

CAD $ 50.00

Cabin Filter Charcoal Corteco 4H0819439

CAD $ 45.00

Transmission Guide Sleeve

CAD $ 16.00

Dog Bone Mount 1J0199851R

CAD $ 73.00