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Making promises is not enough. To be credible, one must also keep them. ERNST takes its commitment seriously: it does its best every day to manufacture premium-quality products. All of the company’s activities are directed towards this goal. Premium quality is the guideline for planning and action at ERNST. Insistence on comprehensive quality is what has made ERNST a leader in innovative emission control technology – since 1919.


Exhaust Sleeve Clamp 1K0253141K

CAD $ 16.00

Exhaust Clamp 50x95mm

CAD $ 15.00

Exhaust Clamp 60x95mm

CAD $ 17.00

Exhaust Pipe Clamp 65x95mm

CAD $ 31.00

Downpipe FWD A/T Only 8D0253301CJ

CAD $ 198.00

Downpipe FWD M/T Only 3B0253301H

CAD $ 180.00

Mid Muffler Hanger Support

CAD $ 15.00

Exhaust Hanger Rear Muffler

CAD $ 17.00

Exhaust Pipe Clamp 55x95mm

CAD $ 18.00

Rear Muffler Golf 1.8T

CAD $ 285.00

Front Resonator Golf Jetta 1.8T

CAD $ 132.00