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At Honeywell, we not only ensure that Honeywell Garrett® turbos offered through the Aftermarket cover the widest product range, we also deliver excellence in technical advice and customer service through our carefully selected distributor network.

We’re trusted by the biggest names in the automotive industry for the development and application of turbo technologies that deliver on quality, reliability and outstanding performance for light vehicles, trucks and off-highway equipment. Every Honeywell Garrett turbo is intricately calibrated to the finest tolerances to meet the original specifications of the automotive manufacturer and is shipped to distributors with a comprehensive labor and parts guarantee.


Turbocharger 06K145721L

CAD $ 1,700.00

Turbo Garrett 059145874M

CAD $ 1,900.00

Turbocharger 059145873F

CAD $ 1,850.00

Turbocharger Passat TDI B5 BHW

CAD $ 1,399.99

Turbo Actuator TDI ALH

CAD $ 193.99