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Since 1927 NRF has been a leading manufacturer of cooling products for the automotive market, industrial, rail and marine sector. NRF is known for the production of high quality radiators, but also produces and supplies a large range of other engine cooling and air conditioning products. NRF has a product range over 8.000 products, which is continuously expanding. In the past 4 years NRF has doubled its aftermarket volume. To facilitate this growth NRF is expanding warehouse capacities and investing in supply chain.


Radiator A/T NRF 8E0121251AQ

CAD $ 260.00

Radiator A/T Only 8E0121251AP

CAD $ 190.00

A/C Condenser 8T0260403F

CAD $ 195.00

A/C Receiver Drier 8E0820193P

CAD $ 34.00

A/C Condensor 5Q0816411BF

CAD $ 185.00

Oil Cooler 038117021E

CAD $ 160.00

Intercooler Jetta BRM 1K0145803Q

CAD $ 265.00

A/C Condenser 5C0820411G

CAD $ 260.00

Refrigerant Control Valve

CAD $ 120.00

Intercooler Passat B5 TDI

CAD $ 271.00

Electric Fan Assembly 300W/280mm

CAD $ 115.00

Radiator Fan Right 200W 295MM 1K0959455ET

CAD $ 120.00