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The term OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. What does that really mean? It means that the part was made by a company that is a subcontractor to a vehicle manufacturer. It DOES NOT mean the part was made by the manufacturer. Some examples;

Most fuel parts on a VW are made by Bosch. This means that Bosch is the OEM for VW regardless of where you buy the Bosch part it is still OEM.
Hella is an OEM light supplier to many of the European vehicles.
Almost all remanufactured parts are OEM as the original part is rebuilt which does not change whom made the part.

It has long been a common missconception that only a vehicle dealership carries OEM parts. Though they would like you to beleive that, it is not the case.  Many if not most parts you get from a dealership you can also get elsewhere for less money made by the exact same company in a different box.



Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor - Front 3HTS0096

CAD $ 140.00

Xenon Bulb Ballast 4G0907397R

CAD $ 185.00

Servo Air Motor 2Q0907511D

CAD $ 85.00

Vacuum Hose 06A133789

CAD $ 135.00

Radiator Fan Control Module 8K0959501G

CAD $ 405.00

Intercooler Hose 7L0145737

CAD $ 105.00

Turbo Inlet Adapter 3C0129635

CAD $ 20.00

Turbocharger IHI 04E145721F

CAD $ 1,350.00

Vehicle Speed Sensor 191919149E

CAD $ 35.00

Piston Ring Set 06B198151B

CAD $ 20.00

Connecting Rod Bearing Set 034105701

CAD $ 30.00

Connecting Rod Bearing Set 022105701C

CAD $ 63.00

Turbocharger IHI 06H145703S

CAD $ 1,800.00

Serpentine Belt Tensioner 06C903133B

CAD $ 83.00

Camshaft Retaining Ring 066109345B

CAD $ 10.00

Coolant Bleeder Screw Plastic WHT000316

CAD $ 7.00

Hex Bolt N90758302

CAD $ 2.35

Oil Cooler & Line Seal A/T 9x1.5mm

CAD $ 1.80

Third Brake Light Assembly 8E5945097C

CAD $ 105.00

Turbo Manifold Nut N90894601

CAD $ 2.18

ZF Lifeguard 6 Automatic Transmission Fluid 1L

CAD $ 33.00

ZF Lifeguard 8 Automatic Transmission Fluid 1L

CAD $ 45.00

Water Pipe Seal 06B121687

CAD $ 3.07

Brake Pad Wear Sensor Front 4G0615121C

CAD $ 10.00

Headlight Bulb Igniter 1T0941471

CAD $ 178.00

Power Steering Pump 8E0145153J

CAD $ 280.00

Inner Boot Clamp N90654101

CAD $ 4.00

Pinch Bolt N10576802

CAD $ 4.10

Nut Self locking N90892302

CAD $ 1.40

Washer N10406105

CAD $ 0.55

Exhaust Gasket 8K0253115J

CAD $ 8.00

Thrust Bearings WHT000033D

CAD $ 14.00

Water Pump 06L121012A

CAD $ 100.00

Crankshaft Bolt N91005902

CAD $ 3.00

PCV Vent Hose 06E103217AA

CAD $ 190.00

Vacuum Pump Gasket 06E145417A

CAD $ 15.00

Pc Valve Hose 03H103202D

CAD $ 140.00

Rear Bump Stop S/Suspension 4B0512131B

CAD $ 13.50

Drain Plug Gasket 01V321379

CAD $ 4.50

Gasket for Breather Tube 06D131550D

CAD $ 4.85

Exhaust Manifold Stud Lower 06F103397

CAD $ 2.10

Exhaust Manifold Stud Upper N0145555

CAD $ 1.45

Evaporator Temperature Sensor 1K0907543G

CAD $ 25.00

Ambient Air Temperature Sensor 1J0919379A

CAD $ 10.00

Downpipe Gasket 4D0253115A

CAD $ 5.00

Exhaust Manifold Gasket 059253039D

CAD $ 8.25

Rear Wiper Arm 8R09554071P9

CAD $ 40.00

Rear Wiper Cap 8K9955205

CAD $ 10.00