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RacingLine Group is based in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom. We are a tier-1 partner to the Volkswagen Group, and to many we are best known for delivering the Volkswagen Racing motorsport programme ever since 1997. It was out of this manufacturer motorsport program that our increasingly popular Motorsport & Performance Parts range was born, now sold all over the world. 

When you understand our history, it's no surprise that we are so close to VWG. RacingLine was originally founded by Volkswagen Group, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Volkswagen Motorsport GmbH in Hannover, Germany. 

Over the two decades that we have been running the Volkswagen motorsport programme, we've had the privilege to build and run some of the competition cars shown above, competing in the premier levels of race and rally on behalf of the manufacturer around the globe. Throughout, we have been engaged in a programme of constant engineering development of motorsport parts for our own race and rally cars, plus our worldwide customers – with some great success.

And it is this unrivalled experience and partnership with Volkswagen Group, both through ‘works’ motorsport and via the relationships that we have nurtured directly with the OEMs that has led us to develop the RacingLine Performance Parts & Software range, today sold through our distributors all around the world. We believe that we bring a very different approach to the performance aftermarket.

Meanwhile, alongside our ever-growing Performance Parts programme, RacingLine’s motorsport heart beats as strong as ever.  As well as our TCR partnership with Audi Sport, Volkswagen Motorsport and SEAT Sport, we also run and promote the FIA's ‘Formula 4’ Championship in the UK, discovering the single-seater racing stars of the future.  And of course our own Audi R8 GT endurance racer is a project that keeps our passion at the forefront.

But there’s much more to the wider RacingLine Group than just the Performance Parts and Motorsport programmes that many know us for.

Our in-house Events company, RacingLine Events, is also a Tier-1 supplier to Volkswagen Group, delivering hundreds of corporate events per year for the different automotive brands, ranging from international vehicle launches, to high-performance driving events, to manufacturer training, to conference and incentive work.

RacingLine Group rolls together our huge passion for Volkswagen Group products (and, let’s be honest, making them go faster) with the reassurance of quality and responsibility that comes from our nearly twenty year relationship with the manufacturer themselves.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site, and thank you for choosing RacingLine.


Racingline VWR Billet Fuel Filler Cap VWR19G711

CAD $ 145.00

RacingLine VWR Hi-Flow Intake Filter

CAD $ 195.00

RacingLine VWR Audi S4 - S5 B9 3.0 TFSI Intake System VWR1241S4

CAD $ 1,384.00

Racingline Billet DSG Gearshift Paddles - Midnight Black

CAD $ 290.00

Racingline Billet DSG Gearshift Paddles - Titanium Silver

CAD $ 290.00

Racingline VWR21G702RCUP-1 High Flow Downpipe W/ Out Cat

CAD $ 650.00

Racingline VWR21G702CUP-1 High Flow Downpipe W/ Out Cat

CAD $ 650.00

RacingLine VWR620005MM Brake Kit 5mm Hub Adaptor MQB

CAD $ 135.00

Racingline VWR17G7R600 Coolant Underhose

CAD $ 70.00

Racingline VWR31G70RW MQB AWD Sport Spring Kit

CAD $ 325.00

Racingline VWR120000 Air Filter Cleaning Kit

CAD $ 40.00

Racingline VWR13G700RFK Remote Fill Kit

CAD $ 70.00

Racingline VWR180001 Oil Cooler Replacement Filter

CAD $ 70.00

Racingline VWR18G700-ROW Oil Cooler Kit MQB

CAD $ 790.00

Racingline VWR814100 Front Upper Brace Frame

CAD $ 490.00

Racingline VWR81G700 MQB Carbon Fibre Rear Brace

CAD $ 615.00

Racingline VWR15G703 Dogbone Subframe Mount MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 350.00

Racingline VWR15G702 Engine Mount MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 500.00

Racingline VWR15G701 Transmission Mount MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 545.00

Racingline VWR151002 Engine Mount TTRS

CAD $ 620.00

Racingline VWR151001 Engine Mount TTRS 6 Speed

CAD $ 445.00

Racingline VWR15G503 Subframe Mount

CAD $ 285.00

Racingline VWR494100 S-Tronic Paddle Shifters - Titanium

CAD $ 360.00

Racingline VWR49G701 Billet DSG Gearshift Paddles - Titanium Silver

CAD $ 290.00

Racingline VWR49G700 Billet DSG Gearshift Paddles - Piano Black

CAD $ 290.00

Racingline VWR19G706 Billet Oil Filter Housing MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 120.00

Racingline VWR19G704 Billet Washer Bottle Cap

CAD $ 110.00

Racingline VWR19G703 Billet Expansion Cap

CAD $ 125.00

Racingline VWR19G702 Billet Oil Cap MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 110.00

Racingline VWR19G701 Billet Oil Dipstick MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 92.00

Racingline VWR13G700 Oil Catch Can System MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 740.00

Racingline VWR13G500 Oil Catch Can System

CAD $ 520.00

Racingline VWR12G7R600ITINLET Turbo Inlet MQB 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 195.00

Racingline VWR14G700 Intercooler MQB- Plantform 1.8/2.0

CAD $ 1,180.00

Racingline VWR12G7R600SPAF Air Filter Replacement MQB

CAD $ 35.00

Racingline VWR12G7R600FO Air Filter Replacement MQB

CAD $ 140.00

Racingline VWR12G60RFO Air Filter Replacement

CAD $ 135.00

Racingline VWR12G6GTFO Air Filter Replacement

CAD $ 135.00

Racingline VWR680002 Front 345mm Replacement Rotors

CAD $ 675.00

Racingline VWR69G7FR Front Brake Line Kit MQB

CAD $ 120.00

Racingline VWR69G7RR Rear Brake Line Kit MQB

CAD $ 120.00

Racingline VWR69G7KIT Brake Line Kit MQB Front & Rear

CAD $ 205.00

Racingline VWR670003 Brake Track Replacement Pads

CAD $ 465.00

Racingline VWR670002 Brake Sport Plus Replacement Pads

CAD $ 360.00

Racingline VWR670001 Brake Sport Replacement Pads

CAD $ 245.00

Racingline VWR65G701-BLK Big Brake Kit MQB 345mm

CAD $ 2,400.00

Racingline VWR65G701-RED Big Brake Kit MQB 345mm

CAD $ 2,400.00

Racingline VWR12G7R600ITGBLU Blue Turbo Inlet Hose

CAD $ 145.00