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As a consequence of a great experience, work in innovation, in product development, in continuous improvement, our customers and the market have become us an international leader in the development and manufacturing of hundreds of thousands of Brake Wear Sensors that we sell to the main Brake Pad and Braking Systems manufacturers.

We offer you a wide range of Brake Wear Indicators for OE, OES and AM markets, that you could find in our catalogue and also the possibility that our engineers help you to develop that for which they are so passionate: new solutions in Wear Sensors, to improve the ones that are currently being used or to create an innovative product. Several international patents behind us.


Front Brake Pad Wear Sensor 8T0907637

CAD $ 10.00

Brake Pad Sensor Front 7L5907637A

CAD $ 10.00

Brake Wear Sensor Front 4G0615121E

CAD $ 8.00

Brake Pad Wear Sensor Front 4G0615121D

CAD $ 4.25

Rear Wear Sensor Sadeca 8W0615121E

CAD $ 10.00

Brake Wear Indicator Front 7P0907637

CAD $ 12.00