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More than 1,600 disc brake pads, over 1,650 brake discs, 425 brake shoes and 300 kits, as well as 200 brake drums, are proof that Textar offers one of the largest product portfolios for current motor vehicles. In the uncompromising pursuit of quality, long service life and high braking comfort, our specialists have developed more than 60 different dampening shims. Then there’s epad, a new generation of friction that ensures optimum driving comfort and sparkling clean rims due to its special material mix. Also included in the box: all accessories required for installation. Textar’s brake discs also reflect the quality standards of a market leader. Superior casting and complete surface coating, ensure high performance, optimum safety and a long service life. Brake shoes and brake shoe kits are available for a wide range of vehicles. Brake shoe kits offer enormous advantages: with all the components needed for installation in one kit, fitting is quicker and easier. The Textar product range also includes wear indicators, accessories, brake fluid, brake cleaner and lubricant, as well as hydraulics components* and brake tools*. (* available depending on the region.)


Rear Brake Textar 2500901

CAD $ 60.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 2469602

CAD $ 90.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 8J0698151F

CAD $ 80.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 8V0698151G

CAD $ 90.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 3Q0698151

CAD $ 180.00

Front Brake Rotor Coated Textar 4F0615301J

CAD $ 165.00

Brake Disc Screw Kit N91028202

CAD $ 2.58

Brake Wear Sensor Front 8R0615121

CAD $ 10.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 8R0698151R

CAD $ 145.00

Rear Brake Pads Textar 4G0698451J

CAD $ 105.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 4G0698151AA

CAD $ 140.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 3C0698151H

CAD $ 84.00

Rear Brake Pads Textar 7L6698451H

CAD $ 162.00

Rear Brake Pads Textar 8K0698451A

CAD $ 69.00

Rear Brake Pads Textar 5K0698451A

CAD $ 70.00

Rear Brake Pads Textar 7N0698451A

CAD $ 79.00

Front Brake Pads Textar 8N0698151D

CAD $ 143.00