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Our quality brand VAICO has developed into a well-known brand name for engines and transmissions parts in the global aftermarket. We offer a range of over 19,000 high-quality spare parts, in over 150 different product groups such as steering, brakes, cooling, filters, and oils and chemicals materials such as engine oil, transmission oil, and much more.

As a trustworthy partner to our customers, we have develop the VAICO Expert Kits+, a range of repair kits for crankcase ventilation, transmissions, filters, steering, brakes, wind-shield cleaning and changing of oil – amongst many.

Quality results from the consistent pursuit of an customer-focused strategy. Ou clients’ wishes are in the center of business. Our aim: the best quality for your satisfaction. As a result, many of our products bear our Q+ quality seal.

Our VAICO products are made from high-quality materials and undergo strict quality tests. They are thereby the perfect alternative to the original part.


Engine Mount Electronic Left 4F0199379BH

CAD $ 205.00

Engine Mount Electronic Right 4F0199382BL

CAD $ 210.00

Mirror Switch 8K0959565EWEP

CAD $ 50.00

Mirror Switch 8K0959565CWEP

CAD $ 25.00

AdBlue Urea Additive 10L

CAD $ 20.25

Transmission A/T Filter 09G325429D

CAD $ 90.00

Transmission Filter 09G325429E

CAD $ 89.00

Rear Wiper Arm 5K6955707B

CAD $ 28.00

Diesel Fuel Filter 3C0127434

CAD $ 30.00

Subframe Mount Lower 1K0199867R

CAD $ 28.00

PCV Breather Hose

CAD $ 43.00

Exhaust Hanger 1K0253144BD

CAD $ 20.00

Rear Wiper Arm 6Q6955707C

CAD $ 24.00

Evap Repair Kit 06F133781L

CAD $ 42.25

Rear Wiper Arm 8E9955407C

CAD $ 60.00

Rear Exhaust Hanger 1K0253144AH

CAD $ 18.50

Front Control Arm Kit Vaico S4 A6 Passat B5 C5, 12-Piece

CAD $ 435.00

Intercooler Connecting Hose Passat TDI BHW

CAD $ 325.00

EGR Hose Upper Passat B5.5 TDI

CAD $ 105.50

Front Control Arm Kit Vaico 8D0498998B

CAD $ 550.00

Windshield Wiper Transmission 8D1955603A

CAD $ 70.00