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The quality VEMO brand products include a wide range of exclusive automotive electronic parts. The VEMO range currently comprises more than 15,000 items, with sensors and switches, exhaust gas recirculation, and small engines making up our top 3 core product groups. The VAICO range includes more than 27,000 quality spare parts. With the focus on engine air and transmission components, VAICO offers intelligent solutions for automotive repair shops that are perfect alternatives to OEM parts.


Coolant Shut-Off Valve N82 4H0121671D

CAD $ 120.00

ABS Sensor Rear 8E0927807G

CAD $ 87.00

ABS Sensor Front Left & Right 8E0927803B

CAD $ 35.00

Window Switch Driver Front 8E0959851D5PR

CAD $ 61.00

Oil Pressure Switch 04E919081A

CAD $ 15.50

Fuel Door Actuator 1K5959782

CAD $ 36.00