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DSG Transmission Flush Kit Complete
DSG Transmission Flush Kit Complete  Kit Includes: 1- Pentosin Fluid 5L AUDI-VW: G052182A2 1- DSG Filter 1- DSG Filter Housing Gasket 1- Drain Plug Gasket  Filter OE-Comparison: 02E305051C 02E305051B 02E398051   Fluid OE-Comparison: AUDI-VW: G052182A2 , G0521821LDSP VWTL52182
Power Steering Fluid/Hydraulic Pentosin CHF 202
 Pentosin CHF 202 Power Steering Fluid/Hydraulic   Description Pentosin CHF 202 is a synthetic high performance hydraulic fluid for lifetime application in modern vehicle aggregates. Pentosin CHF 202 is especially designed for hydraulics in the automotive industry with the highest technical...
DSG Transmission Fluid Pentosin G052182A2
Pentosin OEM dual clutch transmission fluid. 6spd wet clutch VW DSG transmissions only. Oil & filter interval: 60/120/180/240,000kmAUDI-VW: G052 182 A2 , G0521821LDSP VWTL52182 PLEASE NOTE: Always Make Sure Of Your Fluid Type Before Ordering Or Call/Email Us Your Vin.
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