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BBR Automotive is a manufacturer of aftermarket auto parts with headquarters in Geesthacht, Germany. The company was established in 2005 and became a part of a renowned expert group with more than a century of tradition. BBR got its start with a warehouse in Hamburg with limited space.

After the business started to gain traction and sales began going up, it was no longer possible to keep operations running from the Hamburg facility.

The company soon found a new building in Geesthacht where it had space for over 3,000 pallets. Two years after settling on the new space, BBR Automotive once again required more space to meet demand.

In 2012, the Geesthacht facility was expanded and doubled in size to ensure production volume can be increased significantly. The company also invested in brand-new manufacturing technology to automate production as much as possible

Today, you can find a variety of automotive products in the BBR catalog. Products manufactured by BBR Automotive are divided into three main categories – OE products, OEM products, and aftermarket products.

It goes without saying that BBR offers high-quality auto parts for German cars, but the company also sells a lot of components for other European vehicles.

Regardless of what type of OE, OEM, or aftermarket replacement part you need, you’ll surely find it in the BBR Automotive catalog.

The company manufactures braking systems, liquids, window regulators, drivetrain components, exhaust systems, engine parts, steering components, transmission parts, and more. All of these products are available at quite affordable prices.

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