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Liqui Moly Fluids & Lubricants Available Online

Liqui Moly Fluids & Lubricants Available Online

LIQUI MOLY: Quality and Performance Made in Germany

LIQUI MOLY headquartered in Ulm, Germany offers a wide variety of high quality products including motor oils, additives, car care products and chemically-based technical solutions for automotive applications. With over 1,000 products, you have access to a comprehensive, premiere quality, product line.

LIQUI MOLY‘s mission is to provide you with the highest possible product quality every time. In order for our chemists to remain on the cutting edge of technical developments at all times, they are continually in close contact with the automotive industry.

LIQUI MOLY develops and tests its products in its own laboratories and manufactures only in Germany. Founded more than 50 years ago the company is among the most distinguished in the industry. LIQUI MOLY‘s industry leading products are sold in over 100 countries around the globe.

Most of our products are based on formulations which we have devel- oped ourselves. They are subjected to continual testing and are fine-tuned to the most current technical specifications.

LIQUI MOLY motor and gear oils have received the stamp of approval from major vehicle manufacturers. These approvals represent the official manufacturer certificate of acceptance of our quality and approved use for keeping the vehicle within warranty requirements.

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