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Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake System for 2.5TFSI EVO

Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake System for 2.5TFSI EVO

Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake System for 2.5TFSI EVO

Unitronic is pleased to introduce its all-new Carbon Fiber Intake System for the 2.5TFSI EA855 EVO engines, found in the 8V.2 Audi RS 3® and 8S Audi TT RS®. Engineered to be coupled with either Unitronic’s 3” or 4” Turbo Inlet Elbow, this Intake System will give you the competitive advantage, gaining you that extra tenth of a second and a few gained mph, while supporting the airflow demands out of any stock turbo, hybrid turbo, and full frame turbo on the market.

Consistent with all of its performance products, Unitronic utilizes only the latest industry leading tools, equipment, and computer aided design software that are packed with the latest technology from our technology partners at Creaform® and Stratasys®. These tools and technology help to achieve a design that not only optimizes airflow and speed, but also eliminates airflow restrictions that are present with the factory components, while fitting within the engine bay constraints.

Unitronic 3” Carbon Intake Assembly (UH022-INA) and Unitronic 4" Carbon Intake Assembly (UH020-INA)

As the initial designs develop; evolution begins with rapid prototyping, utilizing its in-house Stratasys 3D printer. Within hours, Unitronic Engineers are able to have a complete working printed prototype, allowing for test fitments to be performed on the vehicle, functional testing to be completed, and flow data collected to further validate the designs. Unitronic engineers studied what the Engineers at Audi® had intended for the stock unit. The 1st aspect considered, was how to make it more efficient, yet effective. The result is a design that exhibits smooth volumetric transitions. Every facet of this design is effectively executed for form and function.

To validate its form through function; Unitronic engineers strategically used CFD to maximize its efficiency. Every aspect of the design was studied closely, iteration after iteration, until reaching the maximums governed by the laws of physics. The CFD simulations illustrates how well airflow travels through the system. The primary focus was to achieve laminar flow and minimal pressure drop in all areas of the design. The result of this is an increase in volumetric efficiency.

The CFD sectional of the front air duct shows how laminar airflow is directed towards the air box. It is also seen how the side gills operate; they were employed for safety, in the event the front inlets are obstructed; and for scavenging to eliminate vortices as the high speed air enters the airbox. Viewing it from the side; laminar flow can be seen as it enters the airbox. As part of the design intent; the use of an integral velocity stack made into the air filter works to promote efficiency.

To encompass all applications, Unitronic has designed both Sport and Race Air Filters. The Red Sport Filter comes included with the Carbon 2.5 TFSI Intake System and offers sufficient airflow for daily driven applications while protecting your turbocharger and engine from debris and air particles that may be encountered during normal everyday driving. Unitronic’s Blue Race Filter is available as an optional add-on and intended for drag racing applications, where maximum airflow is most important. Both Sport and Race filters can be purchased separately.

Unitronic’s pursuit for perfection is applied even in the most minute areas of product design and in this case, Unitronic identified that allowing for ample tolerance for engine movement on an item that is both affixed to a dynamic engine and a rigid chassis. Rather than using traditional silicone for its hose connections, Unitronic’s Carbon Fiber Intake System uses a high-quality, extremely durable EPDM material for its couplers.

This offers a superior amount of flexibility over traditional silicone, while still offering, with its clever design, the rigidity and strength needed to support high-powered 2.5TFSI’s. Taking the design and engineering one step further, Unitronic’s engineers created a design that allows for smooth, laminar airflow on the inside walls, while maintaining flexibility through the means of a non-collapsing structural rib profile. Unitronic's couplers are designed to perfectly align with the bead rolls on the carbon fiber tubes, to ensure a perfect and seamless connection; hose clamp guides ensure perfect alignment.

The sectional of the coupler shows a 3D CFD representation of airflow across the ribbed profiled construction. The ID of the ribs matches the ID of the interconnecting tubes for a seamless transition. As a result, even under varying conditions where flexing and stretching happen, airflow remains uninterrupted.

For ultra strength, a metal insert was impregnated into the 3" and 4" carbon fiber tube ends to ensure the tube remains rigid for life after properly tightening the hose clamp.

Taking attention to detail one step further, Unitronic has incorporated a CNC machined and impregnated water drain fitting that allows the factory drain tube to connect directly to Unitronic’s airbox, as it does with the factory box. As with all of Unitronic’s Intake Systems, this unit offers a direct bolt-on fitment, retaining the factory mounting locations, using Unitronic’s own EPDM mounting grommets.

Using its in-house Superflow SF-1020 Flow Bench, Unitronic Engineers further validated designs to ensure that the Unitronic Carbon Fiber Intake System effectively optimizes airflow in a variety of conditions. The OEM intake yielded a peak flow rate of 595 CFM at 28” of H2O (Aq), while the Unitronic Carbon Fiber 4” Intake System achieved 1118 CFM with the Race Filter for a gain of 88% over the OEM Intake and flowed 1095 CFM with the Sport Filter, a gain of 84% over the OEM Intake.

2019+ DAZA models are supported with Unitronic’s Intake Adapter, allowing a smooth and seamless installation experience.


  • Up to 88% increase in flow over stock
  • 2/2 Twill prepreg carbon fiber weave
  • Autoclave construction
  • EPDM couplers
  • High-quality stainless steel hose clamps
  • Direct bolt-on fitment with OEM Mounting Locations & EPDM mounting grommets
  • Smooth airflow transitions
  • Proven power, torque, and airflow gains

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