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APR Carbon Fiber Intake System and Turbo Inlets for the 2021+ RS6/RS7

APR Carbon Fiber Intake System and Turbo Inlets for the 2021+ RS6/RS7

APR Carbon Fiber Intake System and Turbo Inlets for the 2021+ RS6/RS7 (C8)

The APR 4.0T EA825 Intake System is here for the Audi (C8) RS6 and RS7! The APR Intake System is a substantial upgrade for the 4.0T EA825 engine. It offers significant horsepower and torque gains through a high flow design that greatly increases airflow while reducing pressure drop.

We’ve upgraded every part that actually translates to increased performance. Throttle response sharpens, as the system lets your engine to breath more freely. This causes the turbochargers to work less hard, which directly translates to the gains you feel. On top of that, the stunning carbon fiber and aluminum design looks fantastic in the engine bay and adds a pleasant auditory note to the engine. The filter is washable and reusable, and the cast aluminum turbo inlets use adapter rings with ideal entrances, making them compatible with larger turbochargers. This lets the system support even higher airflow levels, with low pressure drop, and even more horsepower and torque as you continue to mod!


  • +47 AWHP & +38 AWFT-LBS at the wheels measured over stock (Stage 1 93)
  • Carbon Fiber airbox with 52% larger airbox outlets
  • Smooth and high flow turbocharger inlet pipe couplers
  • 93% larger aluminum turbocharger inlets with adapter rings for larger turbochargers
  • 50% reduction in pressure drop at the turbo inlets
  • High flow and washable pleated cotton gauze filter material
  • Enhanced engine sound
  • Turbos spool faster
  • Turbos operates more efficiently
  • Inlet piping diameter is maximized from the airbox outlets to the turbocharger inlets
  • Inlet piping addresses the main system restriction
  • Billet turbo adapter rings make fitting this system to larger turbo possible
  • Emissions friendly
  • Direct replacement for APR intake system for OEM and APR Intake Systems
  • Flows 8% more than stock without sacrificing air quality.
  • Low restriction cotton gauze media
  • Lightly oiled
  • High quality construction


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