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Unitronic Performance Downpipes for MK8 GTI, Golf R and 8Y S3 - Now Available

Unitronic Performance Downpipes for MK8 GTI, Golf R and 8Y S3 - Now Available

Unitronic Performance Downpipes for MK8 GTI, Golf R and 8Y S3 - Now Available

Unitronic® is proud to release its Performance Downpipes for the MK8 GTI, Golf R and 8Y S3 equipped with the 2.0TSI EA888 EVO4 engines. These Performance Downpipes are a direct bolt-on upgrade, designed to optimally eliminate unwanted restrictions in the factory downpipes, reduce turbo lag and enhance the exhaust note, while utilizing GESi 5” 400cpsi ultra high output catalytic converters. GESi’s GEN2 ultra high output (UHOX) catalytic converters were designed in conjunction with Unitronic for several 2017+ Audi and Volkswagen® applications and are rated at up to 1000HP by GESi. Paired with Unitronic Stage 2 Performance Software and other supporting bolt-ons, these Performance Downpipes help yield up to 470HP / 431LB-FT with more to come.

At Unitronic, development begins with setting the objectives; performance, efficiency, aesthetics and quality. Operations start with 3D scanning the engine bays, exhaust tunnels and OEM components with it’s in-house Creaform 3D scanner. Once 3D scan data has been collected and processed, Unitronic Hardware Engineers then interact with the 3D models to identify fitment constraints, mounting locations, other component locations, etc. to ensure the final product fits perfectly within the “envelope”, while achieving the objectives and intent of the product.
Unitronic 3D scanning
One key area of development for Unitronic Engineers was the catalytic converter on these Performance Downpipes. While working closely with GESi through several iterations of their G-Sport Emissions Systems Catalytic Converters over the years, our goal once again was to ensure this product would satisfy our compliance demands, while fulfilling Unitronic's performance related goals. The team quickly opted for a GESi 5" UHOX converter for these Performance Downpipes, which met the requirements for the new 2.0TSI EA888 EVO4 engines, while being rated for a massive 1000HP. Paired with CFD optimized castings in the upper downpipe section, the large 5" catalytic converter helps provides exceptional flow.
As with all Unitronic products, these Performance Downpipes have gone through months of rigorous testing in a wide range of conditions on the road, track and dyno in order to ensure they meet our high standards for reliability and function. Warranty Registration is REQUIRED for all products integrating GESi Catalyst(s) HERE.
In order to take full advantage of these all-new Performance Downpipes, Unitronic Stage 2 ECU Software is available for the MK8 GTI, Golf R and 8Y S3. With testing and validations completed, power outputs are increased by up to +133HP / +121LB-FT with Unitronic Stage 2 93octane/98ron Performance Software for a maximum of 470HP / 431LB-FT on the more powerful MK8 Golf R and 8Y S3. These software upgrades are entirely compatible with our UniCONNECT+ cable, empowering Clients to tune their vehicles directly through the OBD-2 port within minutes, from the comfort of their own home or garage.
When developing these Stage 2 ECU calibrations, Unitronic Engineers carefully modeled, studied and analyzed all factory components while identifying restrictions and limitations present with OEM hardware. As a result, Stage 2 Performance Software power output is also made possible with the help of Unitronic's Carbon Fiber Intake System (available for the MK8 GTI and Golf R/S3) as well as our Intercooler Upgrade (available for the MK8 GTI/Golf R and 8Y S3). These upgrades are both required in addition to the Performance Downpipes to achieve advertised Stage 2 power figures and assure long-term vehicle reliability.

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