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Unitronic Is Pleased To Announce The Official Launch Of UniFLEX - Now Available

Unitronic Is Pleased To Announce The Official Launch Of UniFLEX - Now Available

Unitronic is pleased to announce the official launch of UniFLEX, the most robust Flex Fuel package of Performance Software and Hardware — now available for the 2.5TFSI EVO (DAZA) platform and coming soon for the 2.0TSI EA888 EVO4, and many more modern Audi®, Cupra®/Seat®, Skoda®, Lamborghini®, and Volkswagen® applications.

UniFLEX kit




UniFLEX kit

UniFLEX kit

Ethanol is a renewable biofuel made from various plant materials, most notably corn. Since the growth, production, distillation and shipping are all mostly local, this fuel is often times lower in cost, making it more affordable than gasoline in some cases. You may have heard of Ethanol referred to as E85, which is a common term used to describe the fuel that contains up to 85% ethanol, hence E-85. The remaining concentration is usually gasoline and other additives. In reality, E85 can have varying concentrations of ethanol — aftermarket or race-grade E85 fuels will often contain 85% or higher concentrations of ethanol, but most of the pump-grade E85 that you’ll find at your local gas station will contain between 50% to 85% ethanol.

Ethanol Pump


E85 fuel contains significantly more oxygen, burns cooler and has a much higher resistance to knock compared to conventional gasoline, which unlocks massive performance potential when combined with ECU Performance Software calibrated to maximize potential while using E85. The higher the concentration of ethanol, the more potent of a performance potential it has, as E85 with higher ethanol content allows for more ignition timing, etc.


Unitronic TTRS


At the heart of this, Unitronic’s UniFLEX Hardware Kit includes all the necessary components including plug-n-play wiring harnesses and accessories to make flex fuel integration as effortless as possible. Not only is it easy to install, Unitronic’s UniFLEX hardware also offers a multitude of additional benefits over any of the existing solutions on the market.

• CAN integration of ethanol content data streamed to the ECM

• True plug-n-play harness — no cutting, splicing, or ECM re-pinning required

• Bluetooth® connectivity with UniE85 Manager iOS/Android App

UniFLEX is Bluetooth® enabled, allowing for wireless connectivity with iOS and Android mobile devices using the Unitronic UniE85 Manager App


Unitronic UniFLEX Installed

In order to facilitate the installation of the UniFLEX device within the engine bay, Unitronic specifically designed an aluminum mounting bracket which features numerous mounting points, allowing customers to install their UniFLEX device in vertical or horizontal orientation on their MQB chassis vehicles.

UniFLEX BracketUniFLEX Bracket





Unitronic E85 manager


App store downloadGoogle play download

Unitronic's E85 Manager allows you to wirelessly view your vehicle’s current ethanol content and integrate this fuel composition data over your vehicle's CAN-BUS, when combined together with the UniFLEX module, an Ethanol Content Sensor and ECU Performance Software calibrated to add Flex Fuel functionality, while using your mobile device's Bluetooth connection.

Unitronic E85 manager

The included E85 Mix Calculator allows you to calculate current and future gas/ethanol content blends to ensure you can achieve your target ethanol content using your fuel tank size, current fuel level, current ethanol content, target ethanol content, and more!

• View Ethanol Content & Fuel Temperature

• Customize Sensor Calibration Offsets and CAN integrations*

• E85 Mix Calculator

• OTA Updates

*Even if you’re not using UniFLEX with Unitronic’s Flex-enabled ECU Performance Software calibrations, customizable CAN integrations are available for use with other tuner’s ECU calibrations, negating the need to run additional wires to the ECU, through the firewall into the passenger compartment, or the need to keep additional accessories connected to the vehicle’s OBD2 port. We encourage you and your tuner to reach out to learn more about the customizable CAN integrations available with UniFLEX!

UniFLEX Hardware standUniFLEX Hardware stand

Unitronic FLEX Enabled ECU Performance Software

Unitronic FLEX fuel enabled ECU Performance Software Calibrations feature the implementation of its own flex fuel code and additional control mapping into the factory Bosch engine control modules. When combined with Unitronic’s UniFLEX hardware, Unitronic’s FLEX code receives ethanol content over the CAN-bus and utilizes this fuel composition data to blend mapping of timing, boost pressure, fueling, and much more. Simplified, this allows for seamless transitions from 0% to 85% ethanol content — or said another way, 100% gasoline to 85% ethanol and anywhere in between, without needing an ECU reflash.


Unitronic TTRS Dyno

Unitronic’s FLEX enabled ECU Performance Software calibrations carry the same recommended and required supporting hardware modifications** as the original non-flex fuel enabled variants, aside from the UniFLEX hardware kit and stage files, and are offered for use with both 91 octane and 93 octane gasses.

• Unitronic Stage 1 91 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 91 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 1+ 93 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 93 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 2 91 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 91 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 2 93 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 93 octane and E85


• Unitronic Stage 3 TTE700 91 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 91 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 3 TTE700 93 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 93 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 3 TTE777 91 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 91 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 3 TTE777 93 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 93 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 3 IMS750HS 91 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 91 octane and E85

• Unitronic Stage 3 IMS750HS 93 FLEX - Calibrated for use with 93 octane and E85

**Specific Tuned files are subject to availability for your ECU box code. If Tuned Files are not available for your ECU box code, please submit a Tuned File Request or email for more information.


By popular request, Unitronic is also proud to announce the addition of Rolling Anti Lag (RAL) into these new FLEX enabled calibrations.

FUNCTION USAGE: Turn cruise control ON, but not activated. Hold down cruise control stalk downwards (decrease speed, -), then go wide open throttle WOT. You can do this with your left fingers, while both hands are on the steering wheel with ease.

PRECONDITIONS FOR FUNCTION TO BE ACTIVE: 70degC coolant temp minimum threshold, more than 1000rpm engine speed, more than 30kph vehicle speed, and more than 45% throttle position. The function will be activated for 6 seconds maximum and can't be re-activated for 15 seconds refresh time.

This function is very hard on the engine and its components - IT IS NOT FOOL PROOF. It's easy to melt an engine to the ground with it. Use it wisely and at your own peril.


By popular demand, Unitronic has implemented its Wastegate Rattle Fix into all Stage 2 and Stage 3 FLEX enabled ECU calibrations. The wastegate is the mechanism that controls boost pressure, which in the case of the DAZA, is a vacuum controlled internal wastegate style. In factory trim, without any vacuum being applied to the wastegate actuator, like when driving at partial throttle, the wastegate flap sits in an open position, which is what causes the rattle sound to be audible. With Unitronic's Wastegate Rattle Fix, adjustments have been applied to the wastegate controls to hold the flap shut to eliminate the rattling sound.

Unitronic has also implemented its own error handling routines, failsafes, and other safety mechanisms, triggering limp mode and custom fault codes, to protect against implausibilities, lost ethanol content sensor signal, and more.


Unitronic E85 Manager

Unitronic’s FLEX fuel package offers users several different ways to conveniently view ethanol content and fuel temperature on the fly including wirelessly via Bluetooth® with UniFLEX and the UniE85 Manager iOS/Android App, with Unitronic’s UniCONNECT+ data logger, and also directly on the vehicle’s instrument cluster / virtual cockpit’s power gauge display. When flashed with a Unitronic FLEX enabled ECU calibration, when the cruise control is set to the OFF position, the factory power gauge will now show ethanol content percentage. Best of all, cruise control functionality remains unaffected and the power gauge works like stock, showing engine power when the cruise control is turned on and/or engaged.

Unitronic Ethanol Content Dash

With extensive knowledge and experience working with the 2.5TFSI EVO (DAZA) platform over the years, Unitronic is confident that its new UniFLEX Hardware and Software offerings will perfectly compliment your vehicle. Thanks to the added convenience of being able to use gasoline or ethanol on-the-fly with mobile and CAN-bus integration, this highly anticipated package is sure to impress customers and enthusiasts all around the world.

Subject to ECU box code availability.

Additional fees apply for all FLEX enabled calibrations.

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