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No Unitronic Installation Fee! Starting April 20, 2021

No Unitronic Installation Fee! Starting April 20, 2021

We at Strictly European Motors have always had our customers’ interest at heart. So in the spirit of Canadian kindness, we will no longer be charging any fees ($50 value) associated with installation of Unitronic Software upon purchase, or upgrade re-flashes. Need it flashed back to stock for some reason? No problem, we will provide you two free re-flashes as well. That’s right, buy some Unitronic Software goodness and we will flash your car free of labour! Never get charged for new software installs or upgrades again!



*This offer pertains solely to labour charges associated with software installation. This provides no discount to Unitronic Software. Offer applies to all existing ( from 2020 and on ) and new customers.


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